What is Glooko® MIDS?

Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) is designed to help individuals who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and have been prescribed basal (long-acting) insulin only. MIDS is prescribed by your healthcare provider to help you safely adjust your dose of long-acting insulin. Based on a Treatment Plan created by your doctor, MIDS uses your fasting blood glucose (FBG) readings to find your ideal dose of long-acting insulin.

How it works

After your healthcare provider prescribes MIDS for you, you will receive an invitation to begin the MIDS program through the Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app on your mobile device.

Once you accept the invitation, you will follow the same routine each day:

  • Every night, you will take your insulin as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Every morning, you will take your FBG reading and sync your blood glucose meter with your Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app.

    NOTE: An FBG reading is taken on an empty stomach (minimum 8 hours), usually before breakfast.

You will be prompted to complete a dose adjustment check once every 1 to 7 days (the number of days between dose adjustment checks will be determined by your doctor). Based on the dose adjustment check, MIDS will recommend an insulin dose based on your FBG readings and the treatment plan created by your provider.

Click here to learn more about the MIDS Program and how to get started.

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