How do I order device syncing hardware from the Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app?

If you need to order hardware that allows your diabetes device to sync with Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko, you can do so via the app! 

To order device syncing hardware:

  1. Open the Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the side navigation bar (triple_line_-_android_side_nav.png) on Android devices or the More menu on iOS devices.
  3. Tap Order Sync Hardware.


  4. Tap to place a checkmark (checkmark.png) beside the appropriate device type, then tap Continue.


  5. Search for and/or tap to place a checkmark beside your device, then tap Continue.

    If your device is not listed, it may not be compatible with Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko. For a list of all compatible devices, click here.


  6. On the Order Hardware screen, review your Cart Summary, then tap Continue.


  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the checkout process.

Still need help? Feel free to reach out to us at!

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