How can I obtain MeterSync hardware to sync my diabetes device(s)?

When you sign up for a Cornerstones4Care® powered by Glooko account using the mobile app, you will be asked for your mailing address and which diabetes device(s) you use. After answering these questions, you will automatically be sent the necessary syncing hardware to the mailing address you provide.

However, if you need to order additional or replacement syncing hardware, please email our support team at and include the following details:

  • What is your phone/tablet model?
  • What diabetes devices (blood glucose meter, insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitor) do you need syncing hardware for? Please state the model of your diabetes device.
  • What is your full name and the best mailing address to send the hardware?

Once the Customer Support team receives your request, they will reply to confirm that the request was received and may request clarification about the information provided if needed. That's it! Your additional or replacement hardware will be on its way soon.


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