Can I connect my health and fitness apps to my Cornerstones4Care® powered by Glooko app?

You can integrate activity, blood pressure and weight data from leading health and fitness applications to Cornerstones4Care® powered by Glooko. This allows you to visualize your activity data with your glucose and insulin data. Click to learn how to manually add Exercise Events using the Quick Add Menu.

The following apps and data types can be connected to the Cornerstones4Care® powered by Glooko app:


A fitness activity has a defined duration and is done with the express purpose of exercising, i.e. going for a jog, playing basketball, etc. This type of activity will appear in your History.

A routine activity occurs regularly throughout the day without the specific goal of exercise, i.e. total steps taken in an entire day. Routine activity is aggregated throughout the day and appears at the top of each day in your History.


Connect Your Fitness or Health App

Navigate to the Sync Menu by tapping Sync in the top-right corner on the home screen.

From the Sync menu:

  1. To select a new Fitness or Health Device, tap New Device > tap Fitness and Health Devices > check the box next to the desired Fitness or Health Device > tap Add.
  2. Once you have selected a Fitness or Health Device, it will be listed on the Sync menu.
  3. To establish the connection with the Fitness or Health Device, tap Connect on the Sync menu.
    • You will be taken to a list of compatible apps. Tap the
    • You will be re-directed to the application’s login page – enter your Email and Password for that application’s account. Tap Allow.
    • You will be redirected back to the Apps & Devices screen where you can see which applications have been connected.
  4. NOTE: Connect multiple fitness and health devices by repeating the steps above.


Disconnect Your Fitness or Health App

  1. To disconnect your Fitness or Health App, tap the Fitness and Health Device Name on the Sync menu
  2. Tap the disconnect symbol.



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